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What I’m Looking For At the Moment December 7, 2011

Want to know what I’m interested in seeing? Well here’s my wish list:


  • Gritty urban fantasy, with or without a love story, can be erotic or not as long as there’s plenty of action and it falls outside the box. I want some original world-building.
  • Historical Fiction. This can be with or without romance. I’d prefer without, but if its going to be a romance, make it a good one, perhaps with even a tragic ending where some one dies.
  • Steampunk done well. If you’ve got an original concept and awesome characters, I’m there. Send it my way please.

Make sure you read the guidelines for submission at before sending it to me, but you can address the query letter to me under my pseudonym Charlotte Magdelena or my real name. I’ll get it either way.


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