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Happy New Year January 2, 2012

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One of the things I find cumbersome during this time of year is the slush pile submissions. Usually they’re filled with NANO manuscripts that have not been polished and perfected (PROTIP: Assume your NANO project is not ready for submission until June at the earliest). I also get a plethora of status inquiries from authors who maybe have never submitted before and don’t understand that editors–the magical creatures that we are–have vacations during the holidays too.

Now, if I’ve had your manuscript since the beginning of October and you haven’t heard anything, its okay to email me and ask for a status update. If you sent it the day before Thanksgiving, you should assume that I haven’t touched it yet between the other submissions, the authors on my list that require attention, and the holiday season.

In other words, be patient. I know how hard this can be, being an author myself, but I promise you, if you are patient it pays off spades more than impatience.

And remember your manners. Rudeness takes brownie points away.

So Happy New Year, keep writing, and be patient.


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